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  • Shop Update and GIVEAWAY

      This weeks video is a shop update and giveaway announcement. I recently passed 4k followers on Instagram and I’m almost at 1k here on YouTube. To celebrate, I’ve teamed up with Rockler, MicroJig, and Sticker Mule. This give away will be a joint giveaway between here and Instagram. To participate here, (IF YOU ARE A UNITED STATES RESIDENT) you… Continue reading "Shop Update and GIVEAWAY"

  • My Wood Pile… And Some Exciting News!

    This week I wanted to share all the awesome wood I’ve acquired for future bowls thanks to my buddy Johnny! Be sure to follow him on Instagram here; Also, remember to head over to or your favorite podcast player and search The Green Woodworker Podcast today! My first guest is Matt Cremona! He’s an awesome content creator and… Continue reading "My Wood Pile… And Some Exciting News!"

  • A Card Box For Ann

    I wanted to make something very special for my wonderful wife. She loves writing thank you cards and letters, so I decided a card box was in order. It’s made from Sapele with Hickory splines. I started this project with a few short pieces of 6/4 African Mahogany, or Sapele. Whatever you call it, it’s very pretty wood with a… Continue reading "A Card Box For Ann"

  • Inexpensive Photo Booth

    This week I build a much needed photo booth to capture how awesome the wood looks in some of the turnings I’ve done lately. I’m calling it my “Inexpensive Photo Booth”! And, it really is inexpensive! I use very few materials for this build. A cardboard box. Some form of tape. I used packing tape. White poster board. One yard… Continue reading "Inexpensive Photo Booth"

  • My Farkle Cup Sucks

    This week I turn a fun project! It’s a cup used in the game Farkle. My wife and I really enjoy this game and I thought it would be cool to have a hand-made cup for the dice! I used simple scraps from around the shop. After a little glue and turning, it was time to play Farkle! Thanks so… Continue reading "My Farkle Cup Sucks"

  • Woodturning: A Pecan Bowl

    This week I turned a very round bowl from pecan wood. This chunk of wood definitely pushed the limits of my small Nova Comet! It pushed on through with no issues and the results are a pretty sweet bowl! Want to help support what I do with a few hard earned bucks? Go to Patreon and give away! 🙂… Continue reading "Woodturning: A Pecan Bowl"

  • Electric Chainsaw

    I recently grabbed an electric chainsaw. The main reason is sometimes I just really don’t feel like fussing with the gas and oil and pulling! Plus, it really gets hot down here and being able to cut a few blanks in the shop without dying from the fumes is pretty cool! This saw is fairly powerful and really runs well.… Continue reading "Electric Chainsaw"