Author: SNealon

  • Ridgided Out!

    I was recently chosen as the winner of David Sheinkopf’s 10K giveaway on Instagram. I picked up a set of Ridgid Gen5x tools. Join me as I unbox the goodies! I SAID THE DRILL WAS BRUSHLESS BUT I WAS WRONG! 🙂 Make sure to check out David if you’re not familiar with who he is! If you’d like to help… Continue reading "Ridgided Out!"

  • Small Segmented Bowl

    Segmented bowl turning has become my “new thing”! It gets my creative juices flowing and is just plain fun! In this weeks video, with the help of my buddy Johnny, I take some basic wood scraps and turn them into a really cool little bowl. Enjoy! If you’d like to help support the content I create, head over to my… Continue reading "Small Segmented Bowl"

  • Lathe Disk Sander

    I recently jumped into making segmented bowls. This is where several pieces of wood cut at a specific angle are glued together to create a circle. Once glued together, they leave a slightly uneven surface. I’ve been using a sheet of sandpaper attached to a small granite square, but this gets old pretty quick! I did some searching on YouTube… Continue reading "Lathe Disk Sander"

  • Around the Shop 4/17/2016

    Around the shop is a shop update to let you know what I’ve been up to and what’s to come! I look forward to everyone’s feedback and build or video suggestions. Thanks for following along as I build my skills. Don’t forget you can help support the content I create by visiting the store here or head to Patreon and… Continue reading "Around the Shop 4/17/2016"

  • Simple Coat Rack

    I needed a place to hang my dog Deuces leash and travel bag that was easy to get to. What better way than a simple coat rack! Check out the video below, then head over to the free plans section and build one for yourself! Thanks for stopping by!