Author: SNealon

  • Woodturning: A Pecan Bowl

    This week I turned a very round bowl from pecan wood. This chunk of wood definitely pushed the limits of my small Nova Comet! It pushed on through with no issues and the results are a pretty sweet bowl! Want to help support what I do with a few hard earned bucks? Go to Patreon and give away! 🙂… Continue reading "Woodturning: A Pecan Bowl"

  • Electric Chainsaw

    I recently grabbed an electric chainsaw. The main reason is sometimes I just really don’t feel like fussing with the gas and oil and pulling! Plus, it really gets hot down here and being able to cut a few blanks in the shop without dying from the fumes is pretty cool! This saw is fairly powerful and really runs well.… Continue reading "Electric Chainsaw"

  • Walnut Awl

    I always seem to find myself looking for a way to mark a center point when starting to turn a piece of wood or when I need to start a screw. I have a spring-loaded center punch, but it’s a bit aggressive on softer woods. So, I decided to make an awl from a piece of walnut and an old… Continue reading "Walnut Awl"

  • Sweet Gum Serving Tray

    I recently snagged a cool piece of spalted sweet gum from my friend Mike Walls, and decided to turn it into a serving tray. I used pupleheart for the handles and added a couple walnut bowties. The serving tray really turned out nice and the spalted wood is just amazing to look at! Check out the video to see a… Continue reading "Sweet Gum Serving Tray"

  • Around the Shop 5/31/2016

    Around the shop is a shop update to let you know what I’ve been up to and what’s to come! I look forward to everyone’s feedback and build or video suggestions. Be sure to check out my friend Johnny Hughes on Instagram Info on the Wedgie Sled can be found here. Don’t forget you can help support the content I create… Continue reading "Around the Shop 5/31/2016"

  • Carpenter Bee Trap

    HONEY BEES DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THESE TRAPS! This week I build a much needed carpenter bee trap. These things will destroy anything they can dig in to! Made from simple pine and a leftover jar. Put a little soda and and a few drops of dish liquid in the jar to help attract wasps also. If you’d like… Continue reading "Carpenter Bee Trap"