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When it comes to sanding the things you turn on the lathe, like everything else, there’s more than one way it can be done. In the video above and in the steps below. I will sahow my method of getting a smooth finish on all my bowls and whatever else I turn on the lathe.

No matter how good a turner you are, you’re probably going to need a little sanding on your piece before it’s ready for finish. Making sure your tools are sharp is one of the first steps in achieving a nice cut, therefore reducing the amount of sanding needed. Check out my previous video on How To Sharpen Your Woodturning Tools for more info.

Once I’ve finished turning my piece, I usually start with 120 or 150 grit sandpaper. My go-to brand these days is definitely Klingspor’s. Mike and the gang over there know the deal about sandpaper and to be honest, it lasts way longer than anything else I’ve tried so far. After the 120/150 I move up to 220 grit then on to 320. After blowing the pieces off with compressed air, I grab the Yorkshire Grit abrasive paste. This stuff is like magic. It’s basically a sanding paste that breaks down to finer and finer grits as it’s used creating a very smooth surface. I use normal paper towels folded over and apply Yorkshire Grit liberally to the piece. I apply a consistent pressure being sure to hit all areas of the piece. Once I’m satisfied that it’s done all it can do, I grab a fresh paper towel and give the entire piece a wipe down. It’s now ready for finish.

Sometimes I have quite a bit to sand. That’s when I turn to power sanding. For my power sanding, I use an electric angle drill from Harbor Freight. It’s very inexpensive and gets the job done well. There are other versions of this drill that some people use although it’s more expensive. Milwaukee makes a model that several woodturners use.

I once again turn to Klingspor’s for my supplies. I use a quick roll connect kit MSK001 and it saves me tons of time and effort. With this system, a single arbor is chucked in the drill and various grits are changed out by simply twisting off one pad and replacing it with the next. And… for a limited time, use the promo code MMPCAST19 and receive $10 off the kit. It’s that simple! It definitely makes a task that’s not so enjoyable much better.

Just to sum things up for everyone.

Practice often so your finish cut is super smooth.

Sharpen your tool one last time before the final pass.

Slow your lathe speed down to at least half the speed you turned at.

Sand in forward and reverse if possible.

Use Yorkshire Grit to speed up the sanding process.

Power sand if needed using kit MSK001 from Klingspor’s

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