How To Sharpen Your Woodturning Tools

I wanted to put together a quick video showing everyone how I sharpen my woodturning tools. I’m sure there are several ways tools can be sharpened but I like using the Wolverine grinding system with the vari-grind from Oneway. I also use the Rikon slow speed grinder.


I start by putting the tool to be sharpened in the Vari-grind jig. Oneway recommends that the tool sticks out 1-3/4″, so that’s what I use. I built a simple wooden jig to make setting this measurement very quick and accurate.

Image 5-23-19 at 8.02 AM

Use your RevMark or other permanent marker to color the end of the tool you’ll be sharpening. The reason is so you can see where the tool is contacting the grinder wheel. Make adjustments accordingly so the tool will hit the grinder all along the cut edge.

*Note… I’m using CBN wheels which I highly recommend. But remember that the wheels that come with the grinder will work perfectly fine.

Now let’s sharpen! We are going to start with the wings of the tool, not the center just yet.

Start by slowly moving the tool back and forth with a lite pressure as you grind one side of the tool wing. Remember… light pressure with a side to side motion.

Once you grind the first side, move over to the other side without touching the tip of the tool to the grinder.

*Note: It’s a good idea to have a cup of water nearby to cool the tooltip from time to time.

Image 5-23-19 at 8.08 AM (1)

To finish the tool up as you’re making you last light pass on the second wing, continue on through the tip in a single motion. Just past the tip. Not all the way to the other wing though. Roll the tool tip back and forth on the grinder just a few times.

And that’s all there is to sharpening a bowl gouge on a slow speed grinder using the Wolverine system from Oneway.

Image 5-23-19 at 8.11 AM

I also cover how to sharpen a round nose scraper and skew in the video. So be sure to give it a watch. And while you there, be sure to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel.

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