A Card Box For Ann

I wanted to make something very special for my wonderful wife. She loves writing thank you cards and letters, so I decided a card box was in order. It’s made from Sapele with Hickory splines.

I started this project with a few short pieces of 6/4 African Mahogany, or Sapele. Whatever you call it, it’s very pretty wood with a beautiful shimmer. I used my table saw to cut a kerf in the edge of the wood as a guide for the band saw. It was used to re-saw the board in half.  I then headed to the table saw to cut each piece to length with a 45 degree angle. Using wood glue, I glued up the four pieces that make up the outside of the box. I then used two bigger pieces of wood for the top and bottom, gluing them in place. Back at the table saw, I cut through the box about 2 inches down. This made a lid. Using a few pieces of hickory wood, I lined inside the box and left a small bit protruding for the lid to register itself on. I then made a small tray to sit in the box for little items. The box was finished with 3 coats of wipe on poly. Sanding in between coats.

Special thanks to Evan Handyside for allowing me to use the great music I used in this video! Please check him out ! http://www.intellimusica.com/


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