Woodturning: A Hollow Mesquite Bowl

This week I grabbed a nice little piece of mesquite and decided to try my hand at hollowing. It’s as much of a hollow form as I could do with the current tools I have. This is also the first time I make a small knob for the lid which is made from African Black Wood.

This piece of mesquite came from El Indio Texas while I was on a recent work trip. We were doing some paint work on a private runway on a 60k acre ranch. To say the least, this place was pretty nice! The ranch foreman was a great guy to work with and very hospitable. I asked him if he had any extra mesquite once I say the stash they had for grilling. Not only did he allow me to take as much as I wanted, he went and found a few bigger pieces that weren’t already split. Super great guy! Thanks Indio Faith Ranch!

Check out the video below of this project.

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