SWAT Woodturning -Waco Texas 2016

Waco Texas was the place to be at the end of August if you’re interested in woodturning. The Waco Convention Center was home to the 25th annual SWAT Woodturners Symposium or SouthWest Association of Turners. For three days, I attended class after class, and demo after demo! I learned everything

from basic tool control to casting burl blanks in epoxy resin. It was definitely hard trying to decide what classes to attend as they were all so good. One of the cool things to see was the art gallery. There was everything from live edge bowls and ornaments to segmented vases and pieces with cool effects caused by basically electrocuting the wood. The vendors area was stacked with some great products and plenty of wood for sale. Of course I spent way to much money, but everything I bought was really needed! Each day we were provided a great lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday. Friday night after dinner, Stuart Batty and Mike Mahoney put on a really awesome show during the dueling lathes! Both guys turned large bowls using their own unique styles. Sunday after lunch was one of the most anticipated times for many. Over sixty prizes from vendors and others were given away. And the creme de la creme was five lathes! Three Jet Mini lathes, a Vicmarc VL300, and a loaded Robust American Beauty were given away! Unfortunately I didn’t win, but seeing the faces and cheers from the winners was really cool! I really can’t say enough how much fun this was! If you ever have a chance, head on over to Waco and enjoy in a weekend of fun!

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