Month: June 2016

  • Walnut Awl

    I always seem to find myself looking for a way to mark a center point when starting to turn a piece of wood or when I need to start a screw. I have a spring-loaded center punch, but it’s a bit aggressive on softer woods. So, I decided to make an awl from a piece of walnut and an old… Continue reading "Walnut Awl"

  • Sweet Gum Serving Tray

    I recently snagged a cool piece of spalted sweet gum from my friend Mike Walls, and decided to turn it into a serving tray. I used pupleheart for the handles and added a couple walnut bowties. The serving tray really turned out nice and the spalted wood is just amazing to look at! Check out the video to see a… Continue reading "Sweet Gum Serving Tray"