Month: April 2016

  • Lathe Disk Sander

    I recently jumped into making segmented bowls. This is where several pieces of wood cut at a specific angle are glued together to create a circle. Once glued together, they leave a slightly uneven surface. I’ve been using a sheet of sandpaper attached to a small granite square, but this gets old pretty quick! I did some searching on YouTube… Continue reading "Lathe Disk Sander"

  • Around the Shop 4/17/2016

    Around the shop is a shop update to let you know what I’ve been up to and what’s to come! I look forward to everyone’s feedback and build or video suggestions. Thanks for following along as I build my skills. Don’t forget you can help support the content I create by visiting the store here or head to Patreon and… Continue reading "Around the Shop 4/17/2016"

  • Simple Coat Rack

    I needed a place to hang my dog Deuces leash and travel bag that was easy to get to. What better way than a simple coat rack! Check out the video below, then head over to the free plans section and build one for yourself! Thanks for stopping by!