Delta Planer (craigslist find)!

I’ve really needed a planer for a while, but couldn’t see spending a small fortune on a desktop planer! I also didn’t have all the funds for a floor model. So, off to craigslist I go!

After a few months searching, I came across a Delta planer. The asking price was $175, which wasn’t to bad, but I needed to go see it. I contacted the seller and made plans to go see it later that day. Once arriving at the sellers home, we made our way to his shop. He was working on a grandfather clock that he was building. He had some pretty nice equipment and has been a hobby woodworker for many years. I looked around a little and spotted the Delta planer and was eager to see it run. We plugged it in and it made a little noise. Seemed like a loose cover of something. We ran a board through and it performed fine. I made an offer of $160 which was accepted and I was on my way with my new toy. Upon arriving home, I wanted to see what the noise I heard was and of coarse run a few boards through my new planner. After checking all the cover screws, I realized the noise was coming from inside the planer. I removed the plastic covers and saw the issue right away. The pulley used to run the cutter head was loose. I removed the pulley for further inspection. It seems the nut holding the pulley on came loose and messed up the key-way a little. I used a file to smooth the edges and the key-way fit like new. With a little clean up and grease, the planner was ready for work. I checked the blades and secured the covers, checking every screw along the way. I fired up up the planer and it was as quite as the day it was new! I’m a happy guy! I ran a few pieces of pin through the machine and it works great. What a good find in my opinion. I believe this planer will serve me well for a long while! Thanks for visiting!

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