"“Whether you think you can or you think you can't--you're right.”"

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A Card Box For Ann

I wanted to make something very special for my wonderful wife. She loves writing thank you cards and letters, so I decided a card box was in order. It’s made from Sapele with Hickory splines.

I started this project with a few short pieces of 6/4 African Mahogany, or Sapele. Whatever you call it, it’s very pretty wood with a beautiful shimmer. I used my table saw to cut a kerf in the edge of the wood as a guide for the band saw.

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Woodturning: A Steampunk Pen

This week, I turn a really cool steampunk pen for a customer. He actually ordered two pens as Christmas gifts. One was the steampunk pen and the other was a fountain tip pen where I used a beautiful piece of marble wood for the body. It really is nice looking. Check out my gallery for a pic of it! I used black palm wood. It’s a little tough to work with because of the prickly grain, but things turned out very nice in the end.

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Inexpensive Photo Booth

This week I build a much needed photo booth to capture how awesome the wood looks in some of the turnings I’ve done lately. I’m calling it my “Inexpensive Photo Booth”! And, it really is inexpensive! I use very few materials for this build.

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